AED 5,950.00 inc VAT


A technically superior muscle back especially designed to produce greater distances at the same time as higher lofts. A club that can easily be mentioned as the ultimate utility iron that deliver distance at every loft. We can guarantee you will be more than happy with the way these irons perform.

Titleist 718 T-MB features:

  • Technically advanced muscle back head
  • Specifically built for distance
  • High launches and increased distances
  • comprised of high density tungsten
  • Smartly built for improved speed

Hollowed body with a multi material construction which optimizes the use of high density tungsten and a slim unsupported face which gives improved ball speeds. All while still offering that tour ready look and feel; it’s definitely hard to beat!

Improved progression increases control

Titleist have maxed out the centre gravity progression to lead to an optimized launch and spin, which in turn helps produce higher shots that go far and land softer. Everything you could possibly need when it’s time to stop messing about and get your game on.

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